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About us

The well-known and popular gas-fired boilers and water heaters are assembled in Mako. Using the technology know-how and factory site of the historical FEG, the company inherited the development and manufacturing processes, as well as the service and repair infrastructure. Based on Western European licenses more then 1,5 million units have been produced in the past years. Nowadays FÉG gas and modular heaters are distributed in a number of Middle and Eastern European countries as well.

FÉG products are manufactured in accordance with the European norms and based on Western-European product- and technology licenses. We develop a comprehensive range of gas-fired heaters and boilers, such as tankless gas-fired water heaters, wall-hung heating and space boilers, modular boilers and heat exchangers. Our latest products are the electric water heaters and the pellet based heating system.

The wall-hung tankless water heaters of the types MV19.1, MV21 and MZV18 are suitable for residential purposes, with an output capacity of 10 to 13 lit/min. With types MV19.1E and MV21E without pilot flame and battery-ignition, significant energy costs can be saved.

CIRKONOVA gas boilers are wall hung central heating devices with the capacity of 12, 18, 24 and 36 kW and combined devices of 24 to 5 kW.

FÉG-VESTALE and MINI-VESTALE modular boilers with heating modulars of 70 and 105 kW can be assembled to a boiler plant, which results in a heating unit with the device capacity up to 1 MW, which can be built in into an attic as well. The mechanical engineering modulars provide weather dependant regulation and the preparation of sanitary hot water with low production costs.

The boiler plant’s modulars are conform with the European standards: high efficiency, low noise level, environmental friendly operation, easy operability, a system without supervision, compact size and mass. FÉG-VESTALE modular boilers can serve the autonomic heating and warm water supply of houses with several apartments (20-120 apartments), furthermore of office and other functional buildings, while the modular boilers MINI-VESTALE can serve smaller buildings (2-30 apartments).

FÉG-Spirec heat exchangers have an extreme compact size, paired with high performcance and durability. The cylindrical coiled heat exchanger of 100 mm diameter supplies hot water. It can be used for floor heating, swimming pool heating, solar thermal applications.

FÉG service partners offer consultation on choosing the most appropriate heating device or central heating system. These strategic FÉG partner companies provide installation, and repair services, and also provide spare part supply. It is key for us, that all FÉG heating devices operating in Hungary - the number is over one million – should operate without any problems. In case of any malfunctions the country wide service network is at your service.

1891 - The Weapon- and Machine Factory Corporation (Fegyver- és Gépgyár Részvénytársaság) is founded February 24, in Budapest. The factory produces weapons, machine tools and milling machines. FÉG also makes punches and lifting machines, tolls as well, and after World War I. - due to the shutdown of military weapon’s production - so called civilian products are produced only. The assortment is extended with kitchen scales and compasses' sets.

1926 - The production of new hunting weapons. 1929 - The success of the hunting weapons on the European championship in Stockholm, and later on the world championship in Monte Carlo.

1935 – Fusion with the Lamp Factory (Lámpagyár) in November. Besides the production of lamps, luster and pots, more and more gas meters are produced. The gas as the new energy source appears in the households and the manufacturing of gas ovens and of gas-fired water heaters will be started.

1950’s – The manufacturing of new type of water heaters. The previous water heater of 5 liters are replaced with KV 6, followed by the modern water heater “Csongor”.

Late 1960’s –The manufacturing of the gas-fired heating units KV 6-C. The devices „C”, „SC” are developed, followed by the self-developed CIRKONOVA product line. The serving one geyser type KV 6-C wins the Best Design prize on the International Fair Budapest (BNV).

1965 - The factory name is changed to Weapon and Gas Device Factory (Fegyver és Gázkészülékgyár) as of April 1st.

1968 - Agreement with Junkers. The start of the manufacturing of the CR type devices for the gas industry, which - built into convectors- resulted a significant improvement of their technical level.

1969 - The development of the FÉG plant in Makó - the manufacturing of large series of tankless, gas-fired water heaters and boilers. The factory plays a significant role in the execution of the gas utilization program of Hungary.

1970’s – Launch of tankless water heaters, space heating units - convectors, circo fluid boilers, and space and water heating boilers.

1977 – License agreement with the French Chaffoteaux et Maury. Launch of the gas-fired modular boiler of FÉG-VESTALE, which at that time was a significant innovation in Hungary. License agreement with the French Spirec results the launch of the stainless steel heat exchangers.

2008 - VA-RA Ltd. acquires the manufacturing technology of the FÉG gas-fired wall-hung boilers and tankless water heaters, the full product line, and the FÉG brand. The manufacturing of the popular heating products is now in the hands of a professional investor, as VA-RA Ltd. has several decades of practice in producing heating devices. The new owner establishes the VARA-FÉG Ltd., which relaunches the production of the FÉG boilers.

The manufacturing of weapons is discontinued in Mako, and the factory makes gas-fired water heaters, space heating boilers, heat exchangers, and modular boilers today.