Modular Boiler System

FÉG-VESTALE Modular Boiler System

  • Microprocessor controller
  • Value keeping temperature regulation with a 4-point control system
  • Multiple overheating protection and temperature limitation
  • Emission back-flow sensing, switch off and remote signaling
  • Ignition error display and remote signaling
  • Digital temperature and failure display
  • Thermistor temperature sensing
  • Water flow sensing by impulse transmission
  • Facility supervision system integration option
  • Extremely low CO emission
  • AF-70/105H, type HP: thermo-electric combustion with pilot flame
  • AF-70/105HE type: Pilot flame with ionization, electronic ignition


FÉG-VESTALE modular boilers are available for residential and commercial purposes. By selecting the most appropriate modules of different functions, and connecting them into one single unit can result a central heating boiler, which best meets our heating demand, and which requires the lowest investment costs.
In line with the operation principle of the modular boilers, the cooled heating water returning to the boiler house is reheated by gas-fired instantaneous module boilers with atmospheric burner. 35 kW boilers are integrated into the modular boiler system.

FÉG-VESTALE MBS has three, MINI-VESTALE MBS has two boiler modules mounted to each stand. These stands are the heating modules AF-105H and AF-70H. The heating stands can be integrated in sequence, thus 1 MW heating capacity can be realized with FÉG-VESTALE MBS.
Engineering modules are also part of the modular system:

    • DHW module (“MK”),
    • Weather Compensation module – adjusts system supply temperature in relation to varying outside temperatures (“AR”),
    • Constant Temperature module, which contains a circulation pump only.

The armature set AES contains additional armatures and fittings (central switch, water sensor, etc.), which are necessary to the assembly of a complete boiler system.

Benefits of the Modular Boiler System

Lightweight design, small space requirement. The modular boiler can be placed practically anywhere. They are ideal for roof top or high rise level installations and every modular boiler from FÉG will fit through a single doorway. The ceiling does not need to be reinforced.

Ultra quiet operation. The atmospheric carpet burners with natural pre-mixing cause a burning noise less than 55 dB. There is no fan, or low frequency (pounding) flame noise. The modular system can be placed even next to a flat or office as well.

Value keeping efficiency grade independent of load. FÉG-VESTALE with ten heating module (1, 05 MW) is built up of 30 pieces of elementary boilers. At full load all of the 30 elementary boilers are in operation, at minimal load only 1 elementary boiler is turned on. Each elementary boiler operates with its nominal efficiency grade, whether switched on or off. This means that the MBS always operates with nominal efficiency independent from the number of operating boilers. The efficiency of the MBS is constant, always optimal regardless of the load. This benefit is especially important in the transitional seasons (spring and autumn), or also in summer, when eventually the only task is to produce domestic hot water. The yearly efficiency of FÉG-VESTALE is practically equal with the nominal efficiency of one elementary boiler.

Zero or low downtime. Unless the lack of energy sources (gas and electricity), the MBS provides a constant supply. Secure operation can be ensured by the increased number of elementary boilers. Any ad hoc faults of one or two module boilers will not result is lower service quality; the MBS can operate until repaired.

Low maintenance costs. The maintenance costs of steady operation are quite low, according to the years of practice. The modular design of the FÉG-VESTALE  has the advantage of separate, short time and low cost of servicing. Service costs are similar to wall-hung boilers.  

Low investment and implementation costs. The heating modules AF-105H (AF-70H) are relatively inexpensive heating devices due to their operation principle and structural built up. The price of the heating modular is similar to the price of the wall-hung boilers of 35 kW (2 or 3 devices). The MBS has lower manufacturing costs, so the relative cheaper price does not mean lower quality or capacity. According to related safety regulations FÉG-VESTALE modular boiler systems can be installed without the need of splitting-opening surfaces – this is also an additional benefit in regards to costs.

Easy installation. FÉG-VESTALE is an automatic equipment that can be installed easily in a short time. The operation doesn't need any special professional knowledge, or continuous supervision.

Engineering modules:

Empty module
Other armatures
Domestic Hot Water module (240 l/min)
Controller module (with UPS-50-120F pumps)
Other armatures
Constant temperature module (with UPS-50-120F pump)